By Sir Lionel Luckhoo

Sir Lionel Luckhoo came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior late in his distinguised life. The Holy Spirit put on his heart to do a study of the Quran and this resulted in his writing the papers that follow. The transcript is from an audio tape that he made to explain what he found. Before he died in 1997 Sir Lionel pointing out where Islam was based upon falsehoods. The transcript of Sir Lionel's audio tape entitled, "A Humble Ambassador For God" is the first reference. This is powerful stuff. Every Muslim and Christian needs to read this!

I've also added testimoneys and stories of people who have come to Christ from a Islam background. To those who have found this on the web and are upset because of what it says, consider your feelings in light of the truth. And you can check on the truth in several ways, the best is to pray to God to open your eyes so that you may know His way not the ways that are taught by men. Carefully compare the Quoran and the Bible and ask God to show you who He is.

What follows isn't poitically correct because it directly contradicts the concept that Islam is a valid way to get to Heaven. Islam is the exact opposite of Christianity and it has been well described as follows. To get to Islam's heaven, Allah,requires your son to die for him. Christianity's Creator God sent His Son to die for you. Which do you think comes from a God who defined the term "Love?"

The current hostilities in the Middle East are based on a series of lies which come from the Quran. Those who are using it to kill need to understand that it is largely copied from the Bible and twisted beyond almost beyond recognition. Muhammed turned a God of love into a god of hate and reinitituted the need to work your way to Heaven. The Bible tells us that no one is good enough to work their way to Heaven but that God provided the perfect sacrifice in the form of his Son. For whoever has the Son has life, but he who doesn't have the Son doesn't have life. All you can do to get to Heaven is accept God's gift of Jesus's death on the cross as payment for your sins. It sounds simple and it is. Will you please accept God's gift of eternity in Heaven? Do it now and be sure for you know not what tomorrow brings.

If you have questions I will try to help. If you have access to the Net then you have access to many other soures of help and material, but feel free to ask me and I'll see what I can do.

With Love,


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December 5, 2008